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Milam County Info

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Dansby Cemetery

According to  property owner, Mr. Tommy Michalka, this site contains three graves of the Dansby family. They were traveling west from Tennessee in 1891 when they were struck by either typhoid or yellow fever.  The headstones of the mother, Annie, and son, Little Marshal, are here but the other stones appear to be foot stones for these two rather than a third headstone.  

Annie Hall
1870 - 1891

The pine tree was planted in about 1960 by August Michalka. Before that, there was a large pear tree in the same location.

Annie wife of D. W. Dansby.
Born Apr. 15, 1870. Died Jan. 12, 1891.


Mr. Michalka said that some of Dansby's kin folks came by in the 1970's and were happy to see that the graves were being maintained by the Michalka family, who acquired the property in about 1903.

Little Marshal son of D. W & Annie Dansby.
Born Dec. 7 1890. Died Jan 22, 1891.