(Animal Life)


Pelicans enjoy the fishing
in a small lake near Sharp.

Cattle Egrets


Blue Catfish

(17 lb.)
Caught with a rod and reel in
Little River by Buster Stidom
of Cameron. To see where
they were caught, click here.

Alligator Gar

Each caught with heavy-duty 
rod and reel in the Brazos by 
Mr. Perez of Sharp

To see where they were caught,
click here.



Watussi Bull, Cow and Calf


Brahma Cows with F1 Calves

Feral Hog

Pinto Pony

Exotic Deer

Walking Stick

Really Big Walking Stick

(about 3 times the size of the one above)

Gina's Horse

(My sister's horse) 

Turkey Buzzards

I will spare you the picture
of the object of their attention.

Miniature Sicilian Donkeys

To see more of these darlings,
click here.

Do you think Pinocchio
is hiding in the barn?


You wouldn't believe how long I
waited to get a picture with
anything outside his shell.

This is Mr. Turtle's favorite pose.

We need good pictures of Wildlife in Milam County. 

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