Old Town Cameron Model

John Johnson of Cameron fell in love with his home town at an early age. He moved to Austin as a young adult, and found support at a local hobby shop for his beginning of a miniature, Cameron model. That's when he became interested in creating a miniature replica of downtown Cameron, e.g., as it appeared during the 1940's. The model is made to scale. He interviewed Cameron citizens and viewed old photographs. He stated, however, that 40 percent of his research was taken from his memory as a child.

John did not stop with the downtown, he went on to tiny schools, neighborhoods, water towers, bridges, and, yes the old railroads, which includes the train and steam engines. John has spent some thirty-five years working on the model. The Milam County Court House took six months to build.

What was the cost? $8,000 has been spent on the model, plus the railroad and train. The model town can be lighted and can be turned bright or dim. An exciting part of the model is the working train and fire scene. How large is it? The model is about forty feet long by twenty feet wide. It depicts housing, cars and people which reflect the 1930's and 1940's era. The project is on-going.

Attention to detail in the model is extraordinary. Demolition of a derelict building (right) reveals the ad for an earlier occupant that made caskets, wagons, buggies and farm implements. The model (shown above with ad enlarged) will some day be the only reminder of some parts of Cameron history.

The First United Methodist church now has an historical marker but other than this, there is little difference between the reality of 2001 and the model as depicted by John Johnson.

Every week Mr. Johnson continues to work on the model. "There is always something to be done! If you could only walk down the streets, you would see the detail in every window."

The miniature model of Cameron is open to the public. You are cordially invited to visit.

104 West Main Street
Cameron, Texas

For information call the Cameron Chamber of Commerce at 254.697.4978