Brown Cemetery  

CR 306
Rockdale, TX

Theresa Braun

Another mystery. Is Theresa the 53 year old mother of the infant Max?
Karl Hirt
(1872 - 1902)
Victoria Hirt
(1874 - 1902)
I wonder what took Karl and Victoria on March 11, 1902.
(See answer from viewer below)
George Braun
(1830 - 1911)
Caroline Palmer Brown
(1867 - 1951)
Joseph Brown
(1864 - 1939)
Caroline Palmer & Joseph Brown were married in Rockdale on January 10, 1887.
Caroline Palmer nee Bader
(1830 - 1918)
Katharine Brown Brackenbush
(1875 - 1901)
Joe Brown, Jr.
(1898 - 1918)
Died while serving with American Expeditionary Forces in France
Answer to Question about what happened to Karl & Victoria Hirt:

They both passed away from a Flu epidemic. This information came from Delmer & Marcie Batla ( Granddaughter of Karl & Victoria ). The Mar. 13,1902 edition of the Rockdale Reporter states, that Chas. ( Karl ) Hirt and Wife passed away. He passed on Mon., and was laid to rest on Tue., She ( Victoria ) passed away on the day he was buried. The Headstones have the same date ( for their passing ). The Reporter also stated, they left two little children," one of whom is even now hovering between life and death." The children were, Frank & Josephine Hirt.  Frank is the Father of Marcie Batla.

Thank you to Seth Hirt for this information.