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Finance, science, engineering:
Winding the STEM

Channel Consultants personnel have a wide range of talent and experience that makes their global effort work.

International Management:

Experienced in corporate / project management in the Russian Federation and Middle East. Familiar with Russian, Farsi and Dutch languages. Focus on petroleum production and nuclear power plant construction.

Oil & Gas:

Management and technical experience in engineering, financial evaluation, geologic interpretation, reservoir modeling, production operations and product marketing

Office Application Development:

A wide range of products have been developed utilizing the macro (VBA) capabilities build into Microsoft Office products. These include:
  - Full project management databases for Y2K (remember that) evaluation based on Microsoft Access.
  - Automated timesheet, invoicing and project monitoring and classroom grade book management using Microsoft Excel.
  - Invoice production utilizing Microsoft Word.


Management of all aspects of creation and delivering web sites for business, non-profits and NGO's.

Non-Motorized Transportation Planning:

Administrator and GIS Analyst with the premier bicycle and pedestrian planning operation in north central Texas.