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Global talent with a local focus:
The best of all worlds at your doorstep.

You may feel that you have to choose between dealing with folks that understand your needs, those that you can understand and those you can afford. When working with Channel Consultants, you will have the best of all worlds. Your needs are assessed by computer professionals in your neighborhood, solution alternatives are developed by the best technical minds and evaluated with the help of your target audience. All phases are overseen by computer professionals that will keep the project on schedule, within budget, on target and keep you up to date on progress.

It takes a team with many talents to cover all these bases and we will bring that team to you. It is a rare bird that possesses them all, but we have a few. All phases of your project may be handled by a single individual or, when appropriate, may be distributed among our affiliates.

Are you a potential affiliate? We are always looking for the best and brightest... please check the jobs page for more information.